Long-standing client first direct asked Jaywing to come up with an innovative and engaging social campaign to say a big thank you their customers at Christmas in a way that only first direct could do.

We used Facebook to create something relatable, but definitely not Christmas cliché.
A key social channel for customers, Facebook’s breadth of functionality allowed us to incorporate a live competition to give away fabulous prizes and generate positive conversation and goodwill online.

Meet Vince Pie, Chief Bulb Checker at first direct. Broadcasting live from the company’s basement, Vince was tasked with untangling first direct’s Christmas lights. Customers commented during the live broadcast to guess the correct number of broken bulbs to win prizes, all verified by our magical machine - the Bulb Checker 3000.

As lead customer communications agency for first direct, we managed the campaign from insight and concept to set build and production, including pre-publicity and internal engagement activity. The live broadcasts over 3 one-hour intervals generated over 75,000 engagements, with pre-publicity impressions reaching 127,000.



first direct - Christmas. Untangled. from Jaywing on Vimeo.

“The campaign idea and its execution has surpassed our expectations to deliver stand-out engagement that entertains our customers, enabling them to interact with first direct on a more personal level. We want to be part of our customer’s lives in more than just a banking sense – what better way to raise a smile than the task of untangling the lights that unites us all at the start of the festive period.” Zoe Burns-Shore, Head of Brand Marketing, first direct