Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is a genuine bucket list event, voted one of the ‘Top 100 things to do before you die’ by the Discovery Channel. A giddy 27 day-long festival culminating in a three-day street party, it rivals any New Year celebration on the planet.

Selected as the official branding partner, our brief was to celebrate ‘memories that last a lifetime’, raise awareness of the complete festival programme and mark the 25th anniversary of the official brand. The event needed a fresh brand identity, a new narrative, a promotional film and a website. We were asked to create a modern expression of Edinburgh’s rich Celtic culture, reflecting the friendly, high-spirited nature of the city and its residents. It had to attract a global audience but also feel equally inviting for local people, capturing their pride in hosting this globally-renowned celebration.
Equipped with research and insight, we challenged ourselves to capture Hogmanay’s life-changing energy and to portray this as less of an experience, more of a ‘rite of passage’. The brand itself couldn’t be simply be a neatly crafted logo, it had to be a human expression – one that would quite literally leave its mark.
The solution? A distinctive three stripe logo rendered in neon pink – an unmissable burst of colour and energy. The new brand was all about blowing away any conventions or expectations, making a bold statement about this amazing world-class event.



The brand work, along with other elements of the Hogmanay 18 campaign, contributed towards a 40.5% increase in economic impact in Edinburgh compared to 2010 when it was last measured. Year on year, Hogmanay saw a 9% increase in overall attendance for all the event, helping it to become the 7th most reported New Years’ event worldwide, rising from 17th the previous year. 

“We very much admire the brand Jaywing created around Hull UK City of Culture and wanted to tap into their creativity and fresh thinking. It’s been great to work with them on evolution of the identity for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. We feel they have really grasped and extended our thinking to capture the essence of the feeling that New Year in Edinburgh will leave on you.” Ed Bartlam, Founder and Director at Underbelly