As one of the most overweight countries in the world, with almost one quarter of children and two thirds of adults overweight or obese, Australia is suffering from an obesity crisis. Rates have double in a decade. In a crowded fitness marketplace, Anytime Fitness Australia wanted to reposition itself to both stand out and stand for something. With our unique data led approach, we were appointed the agency of choice for their entire brand and communications offering. 

We started by collecting and analysing the online conversation in Australia around ‘gyms’ and ‘fitness’ using our social insight product, Whisper. We collected and analysed Anytime’s entire member database, providing us with thousands of data points. The insight uncovered a lack of emotional connection between fitness brands and customers, which highlighted a space in the market for Anytime Fitness to own.


We created a compelling proposition to help articulate the brand. The visual identity of the brand was refreshed with a confident tone of voice, aspirational photography and bold campaign creative that resonated with the Australian market, also launching a new website which made the most of our expertise in UX, UI and design.


As each club is individually run, a crucial part of the project was maintaining brand consistency. Clear and detailed brand guidelines were introduced, along with an extensive marketing toolkit, including print-ready artwork for a range of marketing materials and messages. To get franchisees on board we created separate internal communications and took Anytime Fitness on the ‘Move as One’ roadshow around Australia.


As the new brand took shape, we began rolling out national campaigns. Our bravest campaign, entitled ‘F*ck unfit’ was controversial and bold. Totally relatable to the Australian audience, it challenged the voice that stops people making that first move. Hard-hitting and disruptive, the response was impressive, delivering over 3500 new members in a very short timeframe. The first one-day sale smashed their previous best result, delivering a 23% increase. It achieved a month-on-month rise in new members and an 11% increase YOY in sign-ups.