Changing the story for Hull, UK City of Culture 2017.

Once voted one of the worst places to live in the UK, Hull was not a city immediately associated with the word ‘culture’, so how – armed with the ambition of “be colourful, reckless and transformative” – did we go about branding “Hull 2017 UK City of Culture”?


The process had to start with getting to know what makes Hull, Hull. We engaged over 400 people, from key stakeholders, to Saturday morning shoppers and unearthed something really interesting. A naturally mischievous streak, personality and tone that we directly translated into a brand with wit, spikiness, warmth. Feeling ‘of’ Hull, but that can engage and excite the whole of the UK.


In creating the narrative for the city’s future, it was important that we didn’t dwell on its past. The brand needed to use culture to tell a big story... ‘more to the story’ of Hull – its people, its places, and its art and culture. It’s an invitation for people to reconsider and reappraise the city. ‘Think you know Hull? Think again.’


As a result, we created a colourful, mischievious brand. A brand that goes out of its way to provoke a reaction – love it, hate it – apathy just isn’t an option. A brand that’s not afraid to say “Everyone back to ours to get absolutely cultured”. A brand that’s already changing perceptions and creating a positive future for everyone.


“We’re delighted with the outcome and brand expertise that Jaywing has brought to bear on this project. The UK City of Culture provides us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase the unique cultures and diversity of Hull,and we are confident that Jaywing’s work has delivered a strong framework that will allow the city to grow and evolve.”


Phil Batty - Director of Marketing, Communities & Legacy at Hull UK City of Culture 2017.


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