Yorkshire Water had a vision. They wanted to stand for something, be relevant and generate a sense of shared responsibility with their customers. Which is why they appointed us as a strategic agency partner. 
We worked closely with senior leaders and key stakeholders, conducted consumer research and examined customer interactions to articulate Yorkshire Water’s 25-year strategic vision.  Embracing 5.6 million customers, 3,000 employees, partners and policy-makers, this became the ‘Blueprint for Yorkshire’.


‘Blueprint’ shows how Yorkshire Water is helping secure a safe future for the region’s water, promotes its extra services and is delivered through a series of campaigns and interactions to connect with customers on the things they said mattered to them, in their preferred channels and environments. 
Research showed that many customers don’t realise what their water company does beyond providing tap water, such as waste treatment and returning water back to the environment safely.
To encourage customers to think about their water usage and the environment, and explain how, as one of Yorkshire’s largest landowners, Yorkshire Water helps sustain large areas of natural beauty we enlisted the help of a real Yorkshire family.
The Metherall-Cooks blogged, shared on social media, featured on the Blueprint microsite and in four short films, telling the story of two adventure weekends following the water cycle from source to sea.
This campaign led to over 12 million opportunities to see and/or hear the ‘Blueprint’ message, with just under 5,000 unique visitors per month visiting the microsite as audiences sought to learn more.