Following the bombings of World War Two, major flooding and the loss of its fishing industry, Hull has suffered some of the highest levels of deprivation in the UK over the last century. On being awarded the UK City of Culture 2017, Hull’s aim was to tell the story of a city finding its place in the UK, bringing to life its unique energy, while capturing the multi-faceted story of Hull, its people and the culture itself.

Following a competitive pitch, Jaywing were awarded the task to develop the brand strategy, personality and identity for Hull 2017; to create a brand that represents the new life and vigour injected by the UK City of Culture accolade.



Running the entire process from initial consumer scoping work to online quantitative research and activation, we were responsible for creating the whole brand identity for Hull UK City of Culture 2017. We have delivered a brand that celebrates the personality and cultural heart of Hull, encouraging people to reappraise their views and look again.

We recognised early on that in order for the brand to be seen as more than a logo, it had to feel like it was a 360-degree representation of the city and reflect the views and behaviours of its people. The down-to-earth, provocative yet welcoming branding came about following interviews with more than 400 local people and insight from the arts community and students in Hull.

From this we developed the idea of ‘more to the story’, crafting a strategic brand platform that then helped to steer the direction for our tone of voice, brand personality and logo. All of which bring colour, life and vibrancy to the city and challenge preconceived expectations.

“We’re delighted with the outcome and brand expertise that Jaywing has brought to bear on this project. The UK City of Culture provides us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase the unique cultures and diversity of Hull, and we are confident that Jaywing’s work has delivered a strong framework that will allow the city to grow and evolve.”

Phil Batty - Director of Marketing, Communities & Legacy at Hull UK City of Culture 2017.