Our longstanding relationship with the London Eye has seen us build a compelling online experience and boost conversion rates.

Since 2007 we’ve worked closely with Merlin Entertainments, who run the Coca-Cola  London Eye. As the brand has evolved, they have developed many different ways to experience the attraction throughout the year. This means that visitors to the website have over 140 ticket options available to them, which had been a source of confusion.


As lead digital agency, our user experience architects analysed the online ticket structure and page layout, identifying qualitative and quantitative techniques to make the customer journey more compelling.

Aware of the fact that a large-scale overhaul could put off regular visitors, we focused on behavioural trigger points and proposed small but impactful changes to increase online conversion


We made subtle changes to the creative design, labelling and product positioning and the results were instantaneous. Conversion increased by 33% and has been maintained since, the average basket value increased by 7.5% in the first year, and the work paid for itself in the first two weeks.


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