In April 2018 a range of major news and lifestyle channels ran the headline ‘Get paid to eat Doritos’. Behind it was a social campaign conceived and delivered by Jaywing called ‘Doritos Ultimate Superfan’.

PepsiCo wanted a social campaign that connected with their most loyal fans in a bold way.

Based on the insight that this audience will go to great lengths to show their love for Doritos, we asked who would like the title of 'Doritos Ultimate Superfan' for a year - and get paid for the privilege.

With an £18,000 salary up for grabs, we announced Superfan through a coordinated burst of PR, job ads and social content. Over 3,000 people applied via an application page within the first 48 hours.

Using the Doritos tone of voice, we were able to parody recruitment conventions, e.g. requiring ‘At least 2 years of Doritos eating experience’.

Out of 30 genuinely outstanding applicants who we conducted telephone interviews with, three were shortlisted for the final round, meaning that we never considered using actors or staff to fulfil the project. 

The face to face interview process was led by comedian Katherine Ryan, who was not only a true Doritos fan herself but also added credibility and a bold attitude to the campaign.

Questions like ‘What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done?’, genuinely helped us make the right final decision as well as giving us naturally witty short form content for all the major social platforms.


The campaign was heavily skewed towards making a big impact at launch. Doritos Ultimate Superfan was a concept that the media could authentically and easily present as ‘too good to be true’ news. Having triggered a wave of excitement, we then activated a plan to sustain interest and live up to the promise.

The mobile first application form ensured that we had a seamless user journey from social post or blog story to participation.

Having a cash prize obviously drove entries, but at £18,000 the salary (along with the application process), was designed to resonate with 18-24 year olds and their experiences of job hunting – right down to seeing LinkedIn, Google and Reed Recruitment ads.

The concept gave us the opportunity to manufacture frequent engagements with followers. For example, we contacted unsuccessful entrants via email in the Doritos tone of voice to let them down humorously. This sustained noise throughout the campaign.

The Katherine interviews gave us original content and much needed closure to the campaign. It also communicated the original objective to demonstrate how far our fans will go (and how deep their love is) for the product.