Since 2012, Doritos communications had been synonymous with their Mexican Mariachi band and celebrated strapline ‘For fun add a little Mexican’. However, research showed that whilst the brand positioning was capturing a broad audience base, the brand needed to focus on making itself relevant again to a younger audience. It was time to wave adios to the band.

For 2015, Doritos looked to take their brand in a direction that would re-engage millennial audiences. The ‘For the bold’ positioning intended to inspire the British public to live-for-the-moment, building relevancy for Doritos around ‘fun times together’ and bringing Doritos directly, and frequently, into consumers newsfeeds.

We understood that to communicate this credibly to a millennial audience, we couldn’t just say Doritos was bold – we had to prove it. Our challenge was to demonstrate through social that Doritos could be the spark to bring out consumers inner bold!

Over the last 12 months, Jaywing has helped to focus the brand’s ‘For the bold’ messaging and social strategy incorporating socially driven campaigns including Doritos Roulette and Bold Advent, in addition to always-on activity to achieve cut-through across multiple platforms to their key 16-24 year old target audience.

Using innovative digital technologies such as cinemagraphs, vine magic and 3D GIFs also enabled Doritos to demonstrate an ability to adopt the latest creative formats to engage with their core target audience.

Our always-on social content and campaigns resulted in Doritos reaching over 158 million users online, with engagements standing at 19.6 million and more than 21 million video views. The brands success on social media has also catapulted it 59 places to enter the Top 5 in The Grocer’s Top 100.


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