Yorkshire Water appointed us as a strategic agency partner to help them realise their future vision at a time of unprecedented change in their industry. We devised a plan that increased awareness of everything they do, positioning them at the very forefront of their sector.

Many people don’t know what their water company does beyond providing tap water.


To address this, we worked closely with Yorkshire Water’s senior leaders and stakeholders to devise a long-term plan to show relevance, intent and to promote a shared sense of responsibility.


We conducted comprehensive research and examined customer interactions to make an all-encompassing 25-year vision which embraced all 5.6 million customers and 3,000 employees, partners and policymakers. The scale and foresight of this project meant that it became known as the ‘Blueprint for Yorkshire’.


It successfully articulated a drive to secure a safe future for the region’s water - highlighting their waste treatment and environmental work, promoting extra services and creating new opportunities to interact with customers and stakeholders in a range of channels and environments.


We enlisted the help of a Yorkshire family, the Metherall-Cooks, to tell the story online. A microsite and four short films brought their adventures to life, showing them exploring the water cycle from source to sea to understand Yorkshire Water’s integral place within it.


This led to over 12 million opportunities to see and hear the ‘Blueprint’ message, with just under 5,000 unique visitors per month visiting the microsite. It was described by Ofwat as “deservedly becoming recognised as one of the best plans in the industry”.


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