Today, individuals connect with brands through more channels than ever before, often switching between online and offline worlds. This mean marketers need sophisticated measurement to optimise performance. Our task was to help Swinton Group to measure and optimise its entire cross-channel marketing mix, combining online and offline data at an individual-level.
By leveraging Jaywing’s digital tracking technology, Almanac, and Jaywing’ unique individual-based approach to attribution modelling, Swinton Group is now able to focus its spend better to achieve improved levels of ROI.
Jaywing’s powerful machine learning techniques and advanced technology help brands address these challenges by providing a data-driven and holistic approach for measuring, predicting and improving marketing impact on sales, revenue and other business outcomes.
By adopting this approach, Swinton Group will be able to follow an individual’s journey across online and offline channels and attribute the right value to each interaction for each consumer, as opposed to only attributing at channel-level. 
This provides the insurer with an accurate understanding of its customer base as individuals, so that it can more effectively focus marketing investment and engage each in a targeted, personalised way. Jaywing will also work with Swinton Group to enhance their rapid understanding of marketing outcomes to drive improved results.
Stephen Cox, head of analytics and pricing at Swinton Group, said: “We appointed Jaywing because it has the right technology and data, modelling and marketing expertise to undertake attribution at an individual customer level, and to evaluate the performance of our online and offline marketing. We look forward to better understanding how our marketing investments drive valuable acquisition across all our channels, and having the tools to focus our spend better in the future to achieve improved levels of ROI.”
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