Retired school teacher Irv Gordon, has travelled over 3 million miles in his 1966 Volvo P1800S only ever using Castrol oil. We helped Castrol activate their partnership with Irv by filming his remarkable story.

We were tasked with maximising the partnership between the oil brand and the record holder, to bring the unique story to life and provide an opportunity for motoring enthusiasts to learn about this new collaboration.


The campaign, centered on a 15-minute film called ‘The 3 Million Mile Journey’ set in the heart of New York, showcases the fascinating journey that Irv Gordon has taken over the last 50 years, and is a testament to the quality of Castrol oil’s capabilities in extending the life of an engine.


The film, presented by Formula One presenter Lee McKenzie, boasts technical insight from the University of Cambridge, which performed analysis on parts from the 50-year-old car to reveal the innovative properties of Castrol GTX which help extend engine life. CGI reveals the technical science that has allowed the oil brand to be a pioneer in its field.


The Jaywing team were hands-on from the beginning of the planning process for the ‘3 Million Mile Journey’ documentary, developing the concept and storyboarding for the film right through to designing and managing the set build, with stunning results.



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