Asda pioneers data-driven attribution

In today’s complex retail environment, with so many marketing messages and channels influencing the customer path to purchase, attributing 100% of the sale to the last click is no longer good enough. That’s why data-driven attribution is an absolute necessity if retailers want to optimise their marketing budgets.

The Holy Grail for retail marketers is to really understand the interplay of their activities. By implementing Jaywing’s attribution solution, brands like Asda, can break down silos and gain a holistic view of marketing performance, assigning credit to multiple elements in the chain of influence that leads to revenue.

Asda pioneer’s data-driven attribution

That’s why Asda was searching for a partner that could combine technology and data to accurately measure and optimise its large-scale marketing investment across all digital channels. Jaywing’s team of marketing effectiveness and digital marketing experts were appointed to work closely with Asda to turn the intuitive data visualisations and outputs of the attribution modelling into actionable insight to inform and optimise future marketing investment decisions.

Andy Miles, Asda’s Marketing Effectiveness Manager, said: “Following a thorough market review, we’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Jaywing. Collaborating with Jaywing will enable us to better understand customer journeys across digital touchpoints, so that we can understand the contribution each marketing touchpoint has made to it. 

“We’re hoping this new approach gives us far greater accuracy than traditional approaches such as ‘last click’ models. We’re looking forward to developing the partnership further over the coming months.”    

This partnership with Asda is a great testament to the advancements Jaywing has made in solving our clients’ marketing attribution challenges. Some time ago we identified that many clients were spending large sums of money on marketing but tended to measure the effectiveness of that activity in a very basic way. Our data science, technology and digital marketing teams took this challenge on, and have created a truly ground-breaking marketing attribution proposition. Our growing client list with brands such as Asda in this space is a credit to this work.

Developed over the last three years, Jaywing’s unique data-driven approach to marketing attribution is a combination of comprehensive individual-level data collection, data matching algorithms and sophisticated mathematical modelling techniques.

A key feature of Jaywing’s approach is the ability to measure ‘Base Sales’ – the volume of sales achieved that have purely been driven by Asda’s brand awareness and equity. For a brand of the size and scale of Asda, which puts significant investment behind above-the-line activity and the building of its brand, this is crucial, strategically.