How do I grab Z's attention?

05 March 2018 / Brían Taylor

Our third part of the Gen Z article series looks at methods of rising above the noise on social media. How can brands maximise their chances of being heard in such a competitive space? 

Research claims that Z have an attention span of roughly 8 seconds, compared to 12 for millennials (Forbes, 2016). Whilst attention spans might be short, their ability to hyperprocess information is even faster, with guidance from social platforms such as Facebook claiming that users only allow 1.2 seconds to disrupt their thumb-swiping and capture their attention with brand content (Jaywing, 2016).

Exclamation marks

65% of respondents were more likely to engage with content from brands they have actively followed within their social feeds than brands they don’t follow. Brands need to consider the social community relationship when planning campaigns, distancing the objectives for media campaigns from community engagement to ensure content works as hard as possible with existing fans, who are more likely to earn you reach.

Arresting content captures attention, but what about once you have it? With so much saturation of content, Z are selective with what they choose to engage with.

"I see too many adverts in my social feeds" - 73% agree

Creating content, not ads, is still critical for turning attention into action - engagement with brand content is higher than that of brand adverts (Figure 7).

Figure 7 Gen Z

Creating this content doesn’t have to require vast production budget. For example, create solus social posts and socially optimise assets from television campaigns, such as with Jaywing’s activation for Doritos Heatwave. The key is making content that feels native to the channel.

Doritos Baby Dragon

Key brand points

1. If your objective is in-feed engagement, then execute like you belong in-feed.

2. Don’t invest in hefty media formats, then not invest the time to create a bespoke canvas or grid - yes, you can stitch existing assets together but don’t expect to fool this savvy audience!


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