What are Gen Z's favourite social apps?

26 February 2018 / Brían Taylor

Welcome to part 2 of the Gen Z series. If you missed part 1 and would like to catch up, please read last week's article here. This week, we look at our findings regarding Generation Z and social applications, and advise how brands can utilise each channel to maximise ROI.

Our research found that almost three quarters of Z use the Facebook app on a daily basis, closely followed by YouTube (73%) and Snapchat (71%) (Figure 4, below), so it stands to reason that these platforms are where to go to reach them.

The data shows Facebook remaining firmly in the top 4 platforms for Z – holding its own 13 years on from its conception, and remaining a fundamental ad platform to consider.

What’s changed for Facebook since its creation is that it has shifted from what was exclusively a means of interacting with contacts to a never-ending feed of every type of content available. Actual friends’ updates are becoming more sparse - hidden amongst ads, videos of baby pandas, and memes. Facebook’s primary value for Z now lays in Facebook feed entertainment, and the capability of Messenger and Groups. Although, in February 2018, Facebook has announced some upcoming changes to their newsfeed - find out what we think this will mean for the future of the platform. 

Facebook Messenger is by far the most popular messaging app for Gen Z with 87% of respondents using it daily (Figure 5).

In terms of overall app time spent by respondents, YouTube continues to dominate, accounting for 21% (Figure 6). In addition, 19% of all respondents admitted to spending over 2 hours every day consuming YouTube content.


Key brand points

1. Consolidate your media plan to focus on the channels of greatest ROI. Your target impact and reach could potentially efficiently be achieved by a singular platform.

2. Play to channel behaviour; entertain on YouTube, inspire on Instagram, and inform on Facebook. Think natively and activate relevantly.

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