Webinar Getting personal with attribution

18 October 2017 / Jaywing
Using single touch-point methods, such as first-click and last-click attribution, to evaluate the success of marketing, often results in a distorted view of the impact of campaigns and where marketers should focus spend.
With the majority (82%) of marketers saying they are using a single touch-point method, we thought it would be helpful to run a webinar where our experts can talk you through the benefits and drawbacks of different methods and advise on the best approach.


What you'll take away from the webinar:

  • We'll show how attribution modelling arms you with the knowledge and power to optimise your marketing spend across channels, rather than relying on agencies or channel specific marketers that measure in silo.
  • We’ll explore different approaches to attribution comparing and contrasting strengths and weaknesses.
  • We’ll show how true, unbiased attribution models can be built and deployed with a combination of robust data collection and data management, and machine learning, to produce a multi-channel, cross-device and unbiased solution.
  • We’ll show what insights this true data driven approach delivers and how it helps inform key marketing decisions.