Thumbstopping: Leverage Influencers' Creativity

18 March 2019 / Amy Naughton

Thumb-stopping five part content series

1. The importance of integration

2. Stay connected

3. Tailor to device
4. Leverage Influencers' Creativity

The power of influence is nothing new to marketers or to customers; what was once reserved for Hollywood endorsements has now shifted to a new crowd of celeb, capturing audiences through their own creative and attracting brands through their audience reach.

The difference for marketers and how they manage these partnerships should be clear. When we are looking at #ads and what the role for the celebs should be, endorsement (or “casting”) is directed and with control; influencing is collaborative and should feel as true to the influencer as it is to the brand.

The mistake some brands make is trying to shoehorn some influencers into creating content from a scripted brand agenda. This defeats the purpose of why a brand opted for an influencer in their Instagram or YouTube form in the first place. The reason influencers are in the position they are is because of their own ability to create and procure content which engages your target audience; allow the influencers you’ve selected to have control and direction over the content they create surrounding your brand. The result is a more natural, more personal array of content than anything scripted or directed. It’ll also fit more organically onto their feeds. Influencers each have a unique personality and aesthetic, assumedly one of the reasons you have chosen them to work with. Let them use it.

Jaywing’s five point approach to creating thumb-stopping content is available to download now.