Thumb-stopping content: Tailor to device

05 March 2019 / Amy Naughton

Thumb-stopping five part content series

1. The importance of integration

2. Stay connected

3. Tailor to device:

Videos viewed through mobile generate a greater emotive response in consumers than the same content viewed through a traditional television (AdAge, 2017). Yet still, brands continue to run the same ad from TV through to social with little to no consideration of the impact it will have on efficacy.

In an attempt to maximise production efficiency, brands will trade off view-through rates. With tactical investment, huge gains can be made in stop, view, and engagement responses in-feed.

What are the conditions in which your target audience are likely to be consuming your content? Which platforms, which times, which devices? Might they have sound off, or prefer vertical viewing to horizontal? How long before they are presented with the option to ‘skip (your) ad’?

We haven’t even begun discussing content optimisation, channel edits and audience relevancy cuts. Don’t just re-hash your TVC content and whack it on YouTube - different audience, different platform, different ball game.

A great agency will challenge poor production decisions and demonstrate how even small budgets can completely revolutionise how you stand out and therefore your audience consumption levels.

Facebook (2017) compared the effectiveness of pieces of video content from traditional narrative, to mobile-adapted, against mobile-first content. Unsurprisingly, mobile-first content delivered the highest aided recall as well as the longer average viewing time amongst the test audience (see graph below).

Jaywing’s mobile-first approach consistently allows us to smash industry benchmarks - brief for mobile first and you will outperform your competitors’ content that hasn’t been as carefully constructed.


Jaywing’s five point approach to creating thumb-stopping content is available to download now.