Thumbstopping Content: Stay Connected

25 February 2019 / Amy Naughton

Thumb-stopping five part content series

1. The importance of integration

2. Stay connected:

Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race, especially not when it comes to reactive marketing.

Both predictable and unpredictable cultural events bring opportunities for brands to promptly and creatively put out content which audiences enjoy and have strong shareability.


Again, there is a wave to ride. Brands who have their fingers on the cultural pulse will be quick off the mark to react to events such as the announcement of a new royal baby - a 64-million impression opportunity. Some examples of brand responses via social are shown below: 

The landing of this content early in the day (figuratively) permits a far greater opportunity for your content to be discovered and picked up by early birds using social to find out more about the event.


Latecomers may find they have the benefit of hindsight but will find themselves left with a much smaller piece of the engagement pie as they begin to get lost in the noise with the other latecomers and as the fickle audiences move on to the next big piece of news.

The graph below shows in dark blue the frequency of posts around the event, with the lighter blue peak indicating engagements around the content.


Identify the arenas in which your brand has a right to play. Create a culture calendar for the year ahead, noting upcoming events which will offer a good opportunity for your brand. Have a procedure for the unexpected - practice your quick-fire response to respond to those which are unpredictable; who’s involved? Who will create the content? Who has final sign-off? How quickly can you make this happen from event landing to content posting? Good drills will reap dividends for brands who are prepared for the unexpected!


It can be as simple as a quickly mocked-up image using your existing assets... No big budgets needed.


Jaywing’s five point approach to creating thumb-stopping content is available to download now.