Track individuals' digital footprints to power data-driven marketing

11 March 2016 / Jaywing

Introducing Almanac

Almanac is Jaywing’s advanced website tracking tool, which enables you to understand how each individual has interacted with your website or app. It builds up a vast library of individual customer interactions, including what content they were shown, what search terms they entered on your site and what happened during their purchase journey.



How Almanac works

Uniquely, we are able to link people's online activity to ‘known’ individuals, establishing links between different devices, sessions and locations. What’s more, the Almanac universe can be extended to incorporate data events and customer knowledge from other sources – such as offline data, inbound email or contact centres – making it a central source of knowledge for marketing across any channel.


This intimate look into customer’s journeys, product choices and behaviours presents an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to get ahead of the game and understand consumers as individuals with unique needs.


Fancy a demo?

Download a copy of the overview now, or why not get in touch with us today by emailing [email protected] to request a demo of Almanac to see how it could power your marketing.