Jaywing's Superfan campaign delivers 'very strong results' for Doritos. 

04 June 2018 / Brían Taylor

Jaywing’s latest campaign with bold chip brand Doritos went down a storm, with thousands of applicants for the role of the brand’s ‘Ultimate Superfan’.

After whittling down the contenders to just three of the boldest, Comedian Katherine Ryan sat down to grill them and put their passion to the test.

The choice was based on Katherine's own self-proclaimed love for the Doritos brand. That credibility was vital to creating a piece of content that people would actually watch and share. Amy Naughton, Client Services Director here at Jaywing, said: "One way in which brands struggle is when they get the balance wrong – they’re either compromising with the talent they’re using, or using the wrong format or story. Some brands use talent that overshadows the brand."



The campaign was hugely successful, driving over 35 million views - the video boasted an impressive YouTube view-through rate of 30%, double the industry benchmark of 15%. The social view-through rate across all social channels for the campaign was an impressive 18% versus the industry benchmark of 10%.

Zoe Plummer, Digital Marketing Manager at Pepsico, said "Ultimately, we are a big company and we want to sell our products, but even on a campaign that wasn’t focused on selling a new product, that was more about brand equity, we saw some really strong results from a business point of view."

The winner was crowned ‘Doritos Superfan’, winning £18,000 in cash, and many chip-related perks.



The interviews can be seen on YouTube.


The Ultimate Superfan activation received coverage in over 37 press titles.


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