Stickering Millions in the UCL Final

07 June 2019 / Amy Naughton

When leveraging touchpoints for brands during a campaign activation, one of the smaller tactics that can often be overlooked is the power of the GIF to organically drive audience engagements. Small in their execution, but potentially colossal in usage and numbers - if you can successfully balance a moment, a brand, and an audience need for content, you land on that sweet spot which can see numbers rise into their millions.

With the one of the biggest sporting events in the calendar last weekend, and the clash of 2 English teams in Madrid, we leveraged the partnership and the fan moments with Pepsi Max, providing a range of GIFs and Stickers fans could search and utilise to celebrate the excitement. With the stickers containing subtle branding cues to increase Pepsi Max’s visibility at the event we aimed to reinforce the partnership, maximise on moments we knew fans would be talking about and created some thumb-stopping creative that would help fan posts stand out in feed.

With over 1 million views of the stickers in the 1 week lead up to Saturday’s final, and a further 2 million during that weekend we saw huge use of our #Champions and #GOAL branded stickers. With views simply being the serve, not the loop, the actual impression count is estimated to be up to 5 times higher.

Still not convinced? Giphy has more daily active users than Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest, is fully integrated into all major social platforms and is serving 7 billion GIFs and stickers daily. That’s 11 million hours viewed through the service per day. So if your brand still hasn’t worked out how stickers can be used for audience advantage, give us a shout!