Meet Archetype, Jaywing's new AI-powered modelling product

07 February 2018 / Nick Evans
We are pleased to announce the latest arrival to our Jaywing Intelligence product suite, our new AI-powered predictive analytics product – Archetype!

What is Archetype?

Designed by Jaywing’s Data Science Consultancy division, for use by analysts and data literate business experts, Archetype uses true AI to deliver vastly more accurate models than can be achieved by traditional techniques. This enables marketers to dive deeper into purchase history, loyalty data, online interactions and in-store purchases – whilst significantly reducing the time and effort needed to create predictive models.
Archetype affords marketers considerably greater opportunity to model and predict customer behaviour, such as conversion, re-purchase, lapsing, or basket abandonment, enabling deeper customer engagement and more personalised communications.

How does Archetype work?

Archetype’s AI processing engine uses insights from deep within the data to generate its models, using techniques that far outstrip the capability of standard modelling tools.  This typically drives up predictive power, resulting in an improved marketing outcome prediction – at a lower cost -  given the same data inputs.
Furthermore, Archetype’s models can be trained on any outcome, enabling you to predict future purchase propensity based on past behaviour, as well as generating pricing, product / channel propensity, and customer value models.

Get set-up in just three steps

  1. Upload the data file to read in the data and specify which of the columns contains the outcome you want archetype to predict.
  2. The system has an initial look at the data. This is where you can make adjustments by adding or removing characteristics.
  3. Generation of the model- once generated, archetype will show a series of charts and graphs. Not happy with the model? Use this stage to make further tweaks before making a publish.

Key benefits

  • More effective customer communications:
    Archetype helps brands to acquire, retain or reactivate more profitable customers with better customer targeting. It can be used for any kind of predictive model and lets you experiment with new data sources.
  • Easy to create the best models from your data:
    It has an easy-to-use interface, which is accessible via a browser and requires no IT installation, which guides you through the process of uploading your data, making decisions about which data to include, and how complex to make the model. Armed with this information, Archetype produces the best possible model from the data you supply.
  • Continuous improvement:
    As your data changes, it’s easy to create new models, continuing to let the engine learn against your real-life data. Over time, Archetype will remove the need to monitor or re-deploy; it’ll be as simple as switching on your choice of model.
  • Time saving:
    You can free your analysts to do more, as Archetype automates previously time-consuming aspects of modelling, enabling your team to focus on more complex tasks.

The development of Archetype, on the back of advances in processing power and algorithmic improvements, represents a real step change in the way marketing teams and other data-rich areas can use data to predict outcomes. Initial comparative tests of Archetype against already powerful models, built using traditional approaches, has shown a 10% uplift in performance.

With Archetype, marketers can harness the potential of machine learning and AI to drastically improve predictive power, opening up a world of opportunity to embed predictive analytics in all of their marketing and squeeze vastly more insight from data.

We are very excited about the potential for Archetype to transform marketing performance and personalisation!


To find out more about Archetype, click here.