Maximising your brand’s engagement with millennials

25 February 2017 / Amy Naughton

Over the past decade, many retailers and FMCG brands, with success, have recruited many social followers and fans. We see, and work with, a number of brands retaining a stronghold through this channel that has proven all-important for products that are bought on a daily basis and consumed instantly.

A key theme is a brand’s ability to maximise brand engagement to millennials, a group that are predicted to have the greatest spending power of any generation by 2018.

In our guide, which is available to download below, we look at the techniques for maximising brand engagement with generations Y & Z. Which methods do brands deploy to meet their objectives on social and how can they capture the attention of this infamously hard to reach audience? We unpick the benefits of channel and how to ensure brands can cut through, leaving them equipped to harness the thumb stopping power of great social content.

The recent reveal of the The Grocer’s rankings of the most engaging social profiles owned by FMCG retailers and brands in 2017 shows a widening gap between those brands that are strongly outperforming others further down the table. What is it that separates the great and the good in terms of maximising a brand’s engagement on social? Read our review on the reveal of the Top 100 list here.

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