Telling your AI from your I

19 May 2017 / Martin Benson

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics right now across a range of fields.  The trouble with a hot topic is that it is often accompanied by a lot of hot air. So here is our guide to AI to help you navigate the subject and consider how to use it in your own field.


What is AI?

As AI gets more and more mainstream coverage, it is becoming increasingly synonymous with algorithms and automation; but the fundamental thing that makes AI not just I is that the code learns for itself. In other words, if you’ve written an algorithm and understand precisely what it will do, it’s not AI. That doesn’t mean it isn’t clever or useful but there is nothing artificial about the intelligence. AI is about getting machines to learn for themselves from data.  


Why is it important?

Through enabling machines to learn for themselves, far faster and more effectively than we humans can, we can use them to make ourselves more effective, leaving us free to focus on the things we are good at - creativity, strategic thinking, and innovation – while they help us with tasks that are more mundane and repetitive. 


In this report

Download the full report to find out what you need to develop AI, how it’s being used by marketers to improve the customer's experience, as well as guidance to prevent AI being just another band wagon.