Jaywing is now an Umbraco Gold Partner.

01 November 2017 / Brían Taylor

At Jaywing, we’ve been building beautiful, effective websites with the Umbraco CMS for years now. We thought it was about time we showed our commitment. As of 2017 we’re delighted to announce our gold partnership with Umbraco.

Umbraco Gold Partner - 2018 Jaywing

Umbraco is free, easy to manage, and with over 400,000 active installs worldwide, it has a colossal support network of over 200,000 developers.

In the past, we’ve used the Umbraco CMS to build websites for fantastic clients in an array of different markets, including Sky, Snell Advanced Media, Achievement for All, and Merlin Entertainments, showcasing the breadth of capabilities that the open-source CMS allows.

Umbraco gives your content pride of place, and customisation is a breeze we can mould your site into exactly the solution you’re looking for. Our team of expert developers have been through the rigorous training and certification program which allows us the accolade of a Gold Partnership.


Ultimately, the badge provides additional peace of mind to our clients, demonstrating our skills in, commitment to, and involvement with Umbraco itself.


“We wanted to demonstrate to both our team and to clients that we are serious about Umbraco, and committed to its future,” Brían Taylor, Digital Managing Director at Jaywing.


“An international full service agency like Jaywing is a perfect match for Umbraco - I'm proud to welcome Jaywing to the family,” Anders Trans Sørensen, Umbraco HQ

Find out more about Jaywing’s Umbraco capabilities.

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