Jaywing Intelligence wins Best use of Tech Award for AI platform

09 May 2019 / Charlotte Faulkner

It’s brilliant to announce that we have won our first award for both Decision and the Jaywing Intelligence team following the launch of the division.

Jaywing Intelligence was shortlisted for two awards in the Best Application of Tech for Retail/eCommerce and Best Use of Data categories for work with Domino’s and ADT respectively. 

However, it was our work with AI-powered Pay per Click (PPC) product Decision for pizza takeaway brand Domino’s in the UK and Ireland, that piqued the interest of the judges following our work to help the brand to discover new audiences and drive revenue.

The creative way in which we’ve been able to use data and technology to enhance PPC for Domino’s led to incredible results, including a 489% improvement in revenue against an 8.7% reduction in media spend.

Rob Shaw, CEO, Jaywing UK & Australia said, “Our historical expertise combined with future-facing tech has delivered what we have always known to be a superb product with immense potential, borne out by fantastic results for Domino’s and our first award. 

“The beauty of an AI-driven approach and Decision in particular, is that it is possible to perform multivariate tests at scale, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It’s this adaptability and always-on approach that allows Decision to identify new audiences and drive significant additional revenue.

“I’m absolutely thrilled our work in this field has been recognised. The Jaywing Intelligence team deserves all of the plaudits for its exceptional work in delivering real bottom-line value for Domino’s.”  

To find out more about Decision and what it could do for your business, please get in touch via [email protected].