Free whitepaper: How to solve IFRS 9 impairment

12 January 2016 / Ben O'Brien

In January 2018, firms affected by the new requirements will have to change the process that calculates their credit impairments. While 2018 may seem quite a long way off, there is a lot of work to be done in order to meet the requirements on time.

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Why Jaywing?

Rather than building an IFRS 9 solution from the ground up, incurring significant cost and demands on resources, it is possible to take an approach that uses existing tools and process. Where Jaywing differs from other IFRS 9 partners is that we are able to help your transition to a forward-looking view of Expected Credit Loss (ECL) with deep experience in building, validating and implementing expected loss models.

Our established approach to expected credit loss modelling has been developed over 16 years, and our methodology has been used successfully across many UK lending organisations.