'How should brands be marketing in 2018?' A Gen Z perspective

12 January 2018 / Zante Tolley

We, whether as agencies or as brands, have to be inspired by the next generation and listen to what they think the future of marketing should be. To this end, we're handing over the rest of this 300 word post – unedited – to our new graduate recruit, Zante, who tells us first-hand what she feels Gen Z are looking for from brands on digital. 

"Ultimately, brands need to start with social media. If brands want to connect with this generation, it’s the place to go. Gen Z have grown up with the development of technology and this digital environment is natural to them, despite their parents and grandparents telling them that ‘it was a different world in our day’ (myself included), but Gen Z don’t know any different. It’s now the norm for a 7-year-old to have their first smartphone, so they have everything at their fingertips. Additionally, it’s now a rite of passage to have multiple social media accounts."

"Social media is a platform for connectivity. It has become an integral platform for brands to communicate and connect with a widespread of people. However, social media is not solely about connectivity, now a user’s social feed is clogged with pictures, videos and most commonly, memes, instead of their friend’s statuses or pictures. Facebook has now developed to be a platform of content and in my opinion, this gives brands an opportunity to create content without being fully ignored. Gen Z are becoming numb to adverts, so brands need to create exciting content that Gen Z can relate to."

Doritos Baby Dragon Meme

The Doritos Baby Dragon meme was a well-received adaptation of TVC for social channels and resonated particularly well with younger users.

"To create exciting content, brands need to use current social trends to engage and hold attention. Memes are a great example, they have taken over social media pages, and it’s become a daily activity to tag a mate in a meme. Brands need that interactivity to hold their audience. Brands need to use the medium that Gen Z are familiar with, therefore using current social trends such as Superzoom, Boomerangs, Gifs, and 'Press and Hold' interactive images and videos. This allows brands to communicate in a way that Gen Z understand. They are familiar with the content styles, so it isn’t overlooked like an advert that they see and hear every day. Mobile phones have become an extension of ourselves, social media has become a part of our identity, therefore brands need to use social media to interact and connect with Gen Z so that the brand becomes a part of their identity as well."


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