Comfort in volume? Or sell through customer experience?

04 December 2018 / John McDermott

Despite various claims of traditional mass marketing being dead, it’s still managed to stick around as a viable marketing medium. Time and time again, we see marketers adopting ineffective broadcast marketing techniques – focusing on hitting volume targets and quick wins. Yet marketers know that these techniques often fail to deliver. Jaywing’s resident CRM expert, John McDermott, explores a better way of doing things that delivers real results… and inspires your sense of curiosity. 
Mass marketing when delivered through channels like TV, Press and radio has a role. It has been shown time and time again that broadcast marketing channels are highly effective at building brands. Effective brand marketing deployed via mass media such as TV is great at building awareness and saliency - developing what Byron Sharpe calls “mental availability” – i.e. the brand is considered when a potential customer is in market.  
Once mass marketing has done its job and a brand is in the ‘consideration set’ then other channels and marketing techniques are more effective. Other channels break through the noise and offer a superior experience, with communications that are relevant and highly personal. The mistake that some marketers make is that when they are communicating with a customer who is actively engaged with the brand, they use the same rules of “mass marketing” as in the ‘upper funnel’ awareness build phase. This is a big mistake. Commercially sustainable brands can only be built on a platform of great customer experience which in turn can only be achieved through really knowing your customers.
In short, it is by knowing each individual and understanding their journey, that you can influence their final destination – to buy or not to buy! 
Often in marketing, journeys that end in a purchase are prioritised and evaluated, leaving all other individual journeys unmeasured. It is equally important to measure both successful journeys and those that never quite reach a sale, to understand how we can improve customer experiences by tailoring each moment to an individual’s requirements. 
Understanding how marketers get to know each individual customer sufficiently to place incentives and enticements along that journey comes from having a complete understanding by leveraging insights from data.
As digital platforms and technology evolves, it is rapidly pushing the bar higher for how consumers not only live their lives, but also how they engage with brands and ultimately make a purchase. But these revolutionary developments have also enabled brands to gather knowledge to better understand customers, respond to their needs and engage with them in a more relevant and effective way.
Data from all your marketing channels, websites, apps, stores and even social platforms will hold clues as to the future steps each customer will take on their journey. By discovering this new insight and bringing all these data sources into one place, you can get the fullest and most up to date view of every customer and prospect to really help you to tailor each customer journey.
You can use this new technology to start to gather really interesting and useful insight into both successful and unsuccessful customer journeys to gain a broader perspective of customer behaviour. Using this insight, you can then interpret behaviour in order to serve personalised content that best appeals to each situation and buying intention. 
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Only by breaking through the noise, with well thought through communications at each touchpoint that are both relevant and highly personal, can brands hope to stand out. But customer experience marketing goes much further than simply recognising your customers. At its heart, it is about creating value and delivering a better, more intuitive customer experience. In turn, this exceeds customer expectations and moves one-time shoppers into long-lasting, valuable customer relationships.
Today, commercially sustainable brands can only be built from a platform of superb customer experience – and this can only be achieved through really knowing your buyers. And the key to that? Harnessing the data clues each customer leaves behind to reveal the insights and intelligence that can drive the actions that will power your brand forward in the months, years and decades to come.
All this might seem like a far cry from traditional mass marketing techniques but getting started is really simple. Our approach is to:

  • Know each individual customer
  • Understand their journey
  • Influence their decision
  • And, deliver highly personalised content

Jaywing makes data-driven marketing easier. Attract and retain more customers with new insight into each individual customer and their journeys. Get started today. 
For more information on personalising your individual customer journeys, download our mini guide.