Brand survival in a new era of inclusivity for health and wellness

20 September 2018 / Jaywing

The wellness industry is reported to be worth over $3.7 trillion, representing more than 5% of all global economic output. Consumers are making their physical and mental health a priority. They are better informed, better educated and more empowered than ever before, and this has transformed the way they engage with brands and businesses.

Brands are now operating in the most health engaged era there has ever been, and this trend is only expected to continue. Despite being an era of uncertainty and disruption, businesses across all industries have expanded their offerings to meet unprecedented growth in demand. The reality for marketers across a growing number of categories is that they are all connected today as the cure, a prevention or the problem.

How can brands capitalise on the shift in perspective from wellness as a singular goal to a status symbol and lifestyle? It’s a trend that has resulted in 74% of consumers aged 18-34 saying it’s important for brands to embrace wellness as part of their core mission. 62% believe that all brands will need a wellness component to survive in the future.

We have unearthed the key factors enabling marketers and their brands to succeed right now in a new era for health and wellbeing.

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