Collect and connect online data to see the full customer journey with Almanac

28 June 2017 / Jaywing
Today, marketers have access to far more data, from many more sources, channels and devices than ever before. That’s created a new world of opportunities… and challenges.


That’s why we developed Almanac, a revolutionary integrated marketing product that reveals who is visiting your website and connects an identified customer’s offline and online actions to deliver individual-level marketing and improved marketing effectiveness across any channel and device.


Almanac enables marketers to include data from lots of different sources and systems, effectively layering up customer history.


Connect online and offline data.   Personalise customer journeys.   Improve ROI.




Improve the customer journey
  • Map the full customer path to purchase
  • Deliver personalised display and re-targeting ads
  • Understand more about which search terms and ads work to improve PPC


Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Allocate PPC and display budgets based on deep customer insight
  • Deliver better CRO based on the exact customer journey
  • Model attribution at an advanced level


Create a single customer view
  • Create a true single customer view of individual customer activity across channels
  • Include data from lots of different sources and systems
  • Collect and store data for up to five years


Find out more

Download a copy of the overview now or get in touch by emailing [email protected] to request a demo of Almanac and discover how it can work for you.