5 reasons to attend our AI in marketing masterclass webinar

22 June 2020 / Jaywing

Digital transformation has accelerated, audiences are savvier, and what used to make a splash is now barely creating a ripple. Only the marketers who shift their approach with the changing landscape and work smarter, not harder, will come out ahead.

Cue our, AI in marketing masterclass webinar, 7th July, 11AM BST. 

Our free online masterclass led by Commercial Director, Tom Rigden, will feature industry experts, Head of AI, Martin Benson, and Head of Product Development, Martin Smith, who will separate fact from fiction, and cover all things AI in marketing.  

By the end you’ll have plenty of new ideas you can put into action.

Here’s just a few things you’ll learn:

1. The basics of AI and its various forms

The potential for AI to drive revenue and profit growth is enormous, yet many marketers struggle to understand what AI is and how to apply it to their marketing programmes. That’s where we come in. Jaywing helps marketers build competitive advantage with AI. And in this section, we’ll help you to understand the basics.

2. Practical real-life use cases of AI in action

AI has been in use for decades and its applications are more common than you think. We’ll share some common applications, and how that translates into the marketing world.

3. AI in marketing examples across the customer journey

Whether you need AI or not isn’t the question. The question is how do you use AI to reach your marketing goals better, faster and more cost-effectively. In this section, we’ll look at use cases for AI in marketing across the customer journey. From awareness through to conversion, loyalty and retention.

4. Introducing Archetype

You’ll learn exactly now to make AI work for you and your business in real ways that achieve real goals. Discover our AI-powered technology that’s enabling brands to predict game-changing outcomes, to help you identify more sales and prioritise where to spend your marketing budget.

5. How to get started with AI

Machines aren’t going to replace marketers in the near term. But AI is accelerating us towards a more intelligently automated future. We’ll walk you through how you can get started to become more machine-assisted and how to take advantage of AI for enhanced productivity and performance.

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