Flexible and comprehensive promotions - from concept to fulfilment.

Frontrunner is our new streamlined product for on-pack promotions. It's a ready-to-use promotions system which makes planning, design, and execution of digital sales promotions easy. This includes everything from all-online promotions to on-pack competitions that manifest on your product packaging and continue online.

Completely flexible and easily integrated with your existing CMS, Frontrunner takes care of all aspects of promotions management, from setup to post-campaign analysis. Fully GDPR compliant, Frontrunner removes the stress associated with competition data management, making things clean and simple. 

Frontrunner has been built on extensive experience garnered over years spent working with household FMCG names like Tropicana, Doritos, Pepsi, Walkers and more.

Frontrunner by Jaywing Intelligence from Jaywing on Vimeo.

Product Features

Ultra flexible

Multiple promotion mechanics including prize draws, odds based wins, winning moments, collect and fulfil, coupon redemption and more. 
Easily integrates with your existing front-end website to create a seamless interface for users.

Globally viable

Multi-language, multi-regional capabilities to run multiple promotions simultaneously in different regions and comply to regional requirements.


All Frontrunner clients have the support of our development team  for troubleshooting and management. 


Time saving

An easy-to-use interface which puts power into your hands. Easily set up, manage, and analyse promotions through the Frontrunner UI, either in-house or we'll do it for you. 

Safeguard your brand 

All data submitted to and held by Frontrunner will be managed in a fully GDPR compliant manner, seeking explicit permissions, safe storage of data, with simple options to export and cleanse records. Frontrunner has been strenuously load tested under common promotion scenarios to guarantee quality.

Full promotional diagnostics 

Frontrunner's client-friendly UI allows you to take control and access and analyse your promotions performance statistics at any time throughout or after your campaign. 

Frontrunner can help if...

Frontrunner streamlines promotions for better performance and reliable, consistent delivery for multiple promotion mechanics. Frontrunner can help if you...

  • Need a promotions solution which can fit seamlessly in to your existing CMS infrastructure
  • Want to run robust, consistent and risk-averse on-pack promotions
  • Need to run multiple versions of the same promotion in different regions and languages, ideally minimising costs
  • Want to be able to access all promotions data easily and clearly for reporting purposes 
  • Want a GDPR-compliant solution for sensitive consumer data collected through brand competitions and promotions
  • Want to free up your team's time for other marketing activities currently taken up with promotions management

Talk to us today about whether Frontrunner can help save your brand time, money, and effort with your digital sales promotions. 

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