The 2017 data-driven marketing report

05 May 2017 / Nick Evans

Most brands recognise the importance of data to their current and future marketing success, yet they have only just scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Our 2017 data-driven marketing report reveals that while the vast majority of marketers understand the positive impact data-driven marketing can have on customer relationships and ROI, they lack the capabilities, knowledge and confidence needed to utilise the abundance of data available to them.  With the rapid pace of change in the technological landscape, it is more essential than ever for marketers to ensure their marketing is data-driven, customer centric, personalised and measureable.

In this report
This report reveals the results from our research study and includes expert opinion based on our experience of working with many of the UK’s leading brands on advanced attribution, personalisation, predictive analytics and customer relationship management.  Here's just a sample of some of the key findings:

  • 40% believe a lack of data and analytical skills is preventing them from delivering effective customer relationship management (CRM) strategies
  • 65% of marketers are doing none, basic or only segment-based personalisation of communications
  • Only one in five are using advanced attribution models to measure marketing effectiveness

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Data-driven marketing research report