Insight & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From chat bots and virtual bank assistants, to face recognition and machine translation, AI is big marketing news. With the avalanche of data coming at you from so many different marketing channels, you simply don’t have the time or means to understand or interpret it. Our view is that you shouldn’t have to – you should be free to make more effective, more quantifiable marketing decisions.  To gain unique knowledge about your customers, your competitors and your marketplace, you need AI.


Through Jaywing Intelligence we provide AI-powered technology products that automate the collection and analysis of huge volumes of customer and market data. This is supported by Jaywing’s consulting team of data scientists and strategists, who interpret insight into smarter actions – allowing you to truly assess pricing strategies, product and channel propensity, customer value and marketing attribution, digital activity and more.


Find out more about our latest AI-based predictive modelling product - Archetype - here.

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